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            Two comedies made a decade apart will amuse and challenge you: ‘Design for Living’ (1933) and ‘The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek’ (1944).             ‘Design for Living’ takes the…

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            Jonathan Winters, the quintessential Ohioan, has died at 87.            Comedian, actor and voice artist Jonathan Winters was versatile, emotional, complicated and Midwestern.  Out of ill-fit, off-the-bargain-rack clothes…

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Bennington, Vermont: Old First Church. 4/3/11 Updated:  Jan. 11, 2012. What do Jack Benny, John D. Rockefeller and Robert Frost have in common? Each achieved greatness in a fiercely competitive…

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          If you’re looking to keep cool and be very entertained, go see Errol Morris’s ‘Tabloid’.            Here are the spot-on first lines of Dana Stevens’s review on Slate:  Errol…