The Drug War and the Southern Border Crisis

Politico reports this morning: “The Senate, following suit with the House, has passed a $600 million bill to increase security along the U.S.-Mexico border. The bill will add more than 1,000 National Guard troops, garrison-like bases and at least one unmanned aerial drone.”

This story reminds me that the discussion on the financial crisis and the recession largely ignores the fact the US is fighting hot wars on three fronts: our southern border, Iraq and Afghanistan.

All three are ‘wars of choice’. The current southern border crisis is a product of the two-generation long ‘drug war’. The US is no closer to winning it than when President Nixon proclaimed it.

The costs of the drug war are many times greater, each year, than the $600 million just appropriated. Leave aside its other baneful effects including destabilization of portions of our northern border. The drug war’s cost alone justifies this chant: Legalize! Regulate!! Tax!!!