Shots for Signatures on Wisconsin GOP Recall Petitions: ‘OK!’

          From Rachel Maddow via Alternet, I learn that the Wisconsin Republicans have offered shots of booze for signatures on their recall petitions of Democratic state senators.  Good for them!

           Let’s get back to elections the way they used to be!  Plenty to drink for the (male) electors, fistfights, mudslinging – literally….

           My grandfather was a bourbon-drinker and loyal Democrat of the Jacksonian tradition.  With a relatively straight face, he would tell his grandsons the barrels of booze supplied by the Ds in the 1836 campaign bore the mark OK – an abbreviation of the nickname of their candidate, Martin Van Buren, ‘Old Kinderhook’.

           A very persuasive litigator, he implied a family connection with OK of which an Old Crow drinker could be proud.  Not a bit of truth in it, but….

           Just when we need forward thinking, what do the Rs give us?  ‘Tradition’!