Two Superb Performances from the Swedish Royal Wedding Concert

Good friends invited us over for dinner followed by a DVD. Turns out we watched the wedding concert in honor of the Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden which took place June 18, 2010.

It was, indeed, a concert fit for royalty and anyone else who enjoys an eclectic mix of music – from Mozart to rock – performed with great spirit and skill.

The DVD was a home recording – a piece of luck since the concert is not commercially available. Bits of it are on YouTube. They’re worth poking through.

But here are two performances which appeared one after the other. They’re real stunners.

The first might be called ‘the clarinetist versus the contralto’. It’s a rendering of ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ like no other: funny, athletic and extremely sophisticated.

The second is a snippet from ‘Swan Lake’ performed by three Chinese dancers – or acrobats. They do two things I wouldn’t have believed could be done. The performance is not perfect, but it is breathtaking from start to finish.



Thanks to LA and SA for sharing their video.